APAC Opto Electronics

Broad range of optical communication components including O/E transceivers, and Ethernet products.
High performance fiber optical transmission components for LANs, WANs, SANs, MANs, and ANs

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Edison Opto Corp.

Leading global PLCC and high power LED and LED module manufacturer. Comprehensive product line ranging from 1 to 100 Watt, single chip to multi-chip, and high flux to high CRI

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HI - Light LED

Specializing in surface mount and custom LEDs, Hi-Light offers standard and very thin SMD

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LIGITEK Electronics Co. LTD

Through-hole visiable, infrared, UV LEDs - SMD LEDs - High-power LEDs - Dot-Matrix Displays - LED Light Bars - LED Displays

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Microprecision/Wilbrecht Ledco

Wilbrecht LEDCO indicator lights and rugged LED panel mount indicators: standard types, custom, IP-rated, RoHS compliant  LEDCO offers vertically integrated design, engineering,  manufacturing, and assembly capabilities...

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High Accuracy Constant Current LED drivers with Global Current Control - DMX - Error Diagnostics - Power Saving and Pulse Density Modulation Control - For applications like LED Displays, LED Lighting and LED Backlights

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OptoSupply Ltd.

SMD LEDs - Through-Hole Lamp - Displays - Infrafed LEDs - Lighting Products - High Power LEDs - Super Flux LEDs - Dot-Matrix Displays - Optocoupler - LED Light Bars - Memory RGB Controller

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P-Tec Corporation

P-tec Corporation offers quality RoHS compliant LED and LCD products as well as outstanding service. Featured products include high-power LEDs - LED assemblies - as well as custom designs

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SiTI - Silicon Touch Technology Inc.

Market Leader for Constant Current LED Drivers with PWM and Error Detection - LED Drivers for different applications like LED Signs and Displays, Lighting, Illumination. Motor Drivers, Power Supply

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