MY-Semi Inc.

MY-Semi. was founded in May, 2009 in Hsinchu, Taiwan, and positions itself as a mixed-signal LED design house that specializes on opto-electronic applications and power management.


Foreseeing the promising future of LED applications, MY-Semi is committed to providing excellent LED driver ICs that assist LEDs in achieving outstanding performance. MY-Semi believes that by combining advanced LED technology with efficient LED driver ICs will  bring benefit and value to the opto industry and lead MY-Semi and their customers to a bright and prosperous future.


To provide innovative total solutions in LED driving, interface and power management in LED display, illumination and backlighting applications.

Corporate Culture

It is MY-Semi's belief that when employees are challenged in a positive environment, they will use their abilities and creativity to accomplish the mission with pride and satisfaction. Therefore, all members of the MY-Semi team shall: 1. be ambitious; 2. be passionate; 3. fulfill themselves using their own unique skills and abilities.

Business Philosophy

MY-Semi highly values "innovation". Top quality is the sum of effort, expertise and experience. MY-Semi’s pioneering lighting solutions demonstrates the corporate capabilities of: creativity, flexibility and versatility.

Innovation is the key to finding better solutions: innovation also secures MY-Semi's leading position among fabless IC companies.

Through continuous innovation and with professional team support, MY-Semi provides not only quality products but also quality services to meet and exceed customers' expectations.

Product Overview