Passive Components

Aihua Group / Aishi

The Aihua Group is a leading designer and manufacturer of aluminum electrolytic capacitors, marketed and sold worldwide under the Aishi brand.

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Allied Components International

Specializing in state of the art, cost effective magnetic component solutions...inductors, LAN magnetics, ferrite beads, transformers, toroids, common mode chokes, and RJ45 connectors, standard and customs designs.

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BrightKing Inc.

Leading supplier of MOV, TVS, GDT, SPG, PPTC, ESD, TSS protection devices, also offers combinations of devices for custom designs that meet safety requirements for many different applications.

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Cal-Chip Electronics Inc.

Supplies SMD capacitors (tantalum and ceramic) SMD resistors and resistor networks, and chip inductors and chokes.

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Codeco Corporation

Wide range of precision resistors including metal film and wire-wound types. Standard as well as high-voltage and low ohmeric values.

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EBG Resistors

High voltage/high power non-Inductive thick film resistors 0.0005 to 30 Gig Ohm; 1 to 96kV; 1 to 1700 Watts


World-class manufacturer of over-current and over-voltage protective devices: fuses, fuseholders, circuit breakers

Tecate Group

Global supplier of Ultracapacitors, Capacitors, and Electronic Assemblies. Maxwell Technologies, Cap-XX, and Tecate’s own PowerBurst brand of ultracapacitors cells and modules

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Thinking Electronic Industrial Co.

Broad line manufacturer of  circuit protection devices, including over-voltage, over-temperature, and over-current protection. Products include NTC thermistors, zinc oxide varistors (MOV), PTC thermistors, PPTC thermistors, temperature sensors, humidity sensors, and gas discharge tubes.

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Tai-Shing Electronic Components (TTi)

Tai Shing is an ISO 9001 approved expert manufacturer of electromechanical and solid state relays with factories in Taiwan and mainland China.

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