Power Products

EBG Resistors

High voltage/high power non-inductive thick film resistors 0.0005 to 30 Gig Ohm; 1 to 96kV; 1 to 1700 Watts

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Magtech Industries

LED power supplies and LED drivers, industry standard open frame and closed frame power supplies

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Mega Electronics

ISO9001 manufacturer of power supplies, power cords, and DC/DC converters

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MTM Power

Ruggedized power supplies, featuring unique thermoselective vacuum encapsulation process which isolates and protects internal componenets from shock. Standard and custom PSUs for IP67, medical, transportation and other applications which require total reliability

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TECH Semiconductor (TECHSEM)

Leading power semiconductor maker, products  include power diodes and thyristors, rectifier bridges, capsule devices and a broad range of power assemblies which comply with RoHS, CE and UL. 

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Wall Industries

For over 50 years: AC/DC power supplies, DC/DC converters, custom solutions and modifications

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