KH3 Series Evaluation Kit

RF Transmitter/Encoder and Receiver/Decoder Modules Evaluation Kit

The KH3 Series Basic Evaluation Kit is a quick way to evaluate the field performance of the KH3 Series transmitter/encoder and receiver/decoder and verify the performance of a custom design. The kit features two fully assembled development boards for benchmarking and prototyping. One is populated with the KH3 Series transmitter/encoder. The other is populated with the KH3 Series receiver/decoder. Together, they implement a complete remote control solution. This allows for range and interference testing in the actual use environment.

The boards include everything needed to test the performance of the system. Buttons on the transmitter board activate a buzzer and LED on the receiver board to provide visual and audible indication. The kit also serves as an example of implementing the KH3 Series and a benchmark against which the performance of a custom design can be compared. A small prototyping area allows for custom circuitry to be added directly on the evaluation board.

› Benchmark performance: evaluation area lets you test the module in your application environment
› Develop quickly: prototyping area allows rapid hardware development
› Get help easily: call Linx for free technical support
› Reduce component count: combined transmitter/encoder and receiver/decoder form a complete module solution with only two parts
› Integrate with ease: simple hardware configuration lets you transfer raw data without protocol constraints or the need for user programming
› Save power: low current consumption compared to competing modules extends battery life
› Avoid accidental conflicts: 1022 addresses help prevent identification mistakes

Kit Includes
› 2 fully assembled evaluation boards
› 2 KH3 Series transmitter/encoder modules, including one on the transmitter board
› 2 KH3 Series receiver/decoder modules, including one on the receiver board
› 2 HD Series antennas in the 315MHz kit
› 2 CW Series antennas in the 418MHz and 433MHz kits
› 4 RP-SMA connectors, including one on each board
› 1 CR2032 battery
› 2 AAA batteries
› Evaluation kit user’s guide
› KH3 Series documentation
› FCC Part 2 and Part 15 regulations
› Free technical support

Article No KH3 Series RF
Brand LINX Technologies Inc.
Packaging Unit 1

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