QS Series master development system

QS Series USB Interface Module

The Linx QS Series USB module allows the rapid addition of USB to virtually any device. The Master Development System is intended to give a designer all the tools necessary to incorporate the module into a product. This guide will show how to take full advantage of the development board included with the kit. Data guides for all of the Linx parts contained in the kit are included or may be downloaded from the Linx website. The Master Development System serves several important functions:

• Rapid Module Evaluation: It allows the module's performance and features to be quickly evaluated.

• Application Development: It comes with application software and source code that demonstrate how to interface the module with a computer.This source code can serve as a starting point for the development of the product's software.

• Design: It shows how to design with the module and how to interface with other components.

• Prototyping: It allows for additional circuitry to be placed directly on the board so that it can act as the  first prototype of the product. All of the signals are available on a wire-wrap header for easy connection to external circuitry.

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