65xx 8–bit Microcontroller (MCU)

The W65C134S is a feature rich 8–bit microcontroller based on the W65C02 with an advanced (originally designed for life support) Serial Interface Bus (SIB) token passing local area network for multi–W65C134S processor systems. The W65C134S has a full external memory bus (8–bit data and 16–bit address bus) for flexible system design. This MCU has an embedded debug monitor ROM with a library of routines that can help you reduce development time.

Full design support resources are available including design kits, developer tools and application guides. Contact TRG for more information.

Article No W65C134S / 8–bit Microcontroller (MCU)
Package QFP-80, PLCC-68 (EOL)
Brand Western Design Center (WDC)
Temperature Rating -40°C to + 85°C

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